ArmA 3 In-game footge

AGE in a quick Rapid Response Event More »

Minecraft on Feed the Beast

Age plays on Feed the Beast and vanilla dedicated servers. More »

Battlefield 4

We have dedicated BF4 servers with a strong following. More »

Dedicated ArmA 3 Server

We have a dedicated ArmA 3 following and have been playing ArmA for the last 3 years. More »

Breaking Point - An ArmA 3 Mod

We are preparing for the apocalypse More »


Website Update

Currently testing new content for the WordPress website. Tapatalk will soon be added and other good stuff coming soon.

Registering with AGE

As a reminder, you will have to register both with the website and Forums. The website is used mainly for general news updates and the forum is, well, a forum.

Anyone up for a BF4 Warzone Weekend?

Lets pick some teams, close the server to the public and bash away at each other. Anyone interested?

Forum Integration

I apologize, but I was not able to transfer the forums over, so I will have to rebuild it. This will take me all week to build and get the permissions right. Please bare with me, I am doing the best I can at the moment. 

Welcome to AGE’s New Site

Welcome to AGE’s new web site! We finally made it to the new Millennia.

If you have not registered on the new site you will need to do so on both the site and the community (Forums). All previous members will be granted access and new members will have to go through the approval process.

BF4 Server Info


AGE has a Bf4 NFO 64 player server up and running. Server name -AGE- Fun House. Enjoy…


ArmA III Server Reboot

The ARMA 3 server will reboot every Monday at 03:00 EST.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Welcome to AGE

AGE (AdultGamersElite) has been around since 2004 and many of our original members have never left. We are an organized, tactically oriented FPS clan but we are also laid back and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

To Join:
Register With the Web Site.
Review our Rules ReadMe.
Fill out the Application.
You will soon receive word on your application.
If you are unsure, stop by our TS3 Server and say hello: